Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Double stroller

Ok I have to get to bed but I wanted to write this quick story first. Today after dinner I thought it would be fun to go for a walk (it was only 80 degrees!). So I put Melanie in the umbrella stroller and Madison was going to push Olivia, her cabbage patch doll, in her doll stroller. We got about two blocks...looking super cute...Mommy pushing her baby in the stroller and Maddy pushing her baby in the stroller side by side, sometimes holding hands. THEN...toddler meltdown! Madison had to push Melanie which Mellie didn't like. So now I have two crying children and neither is cooperating to get home. So for one block I walked...pushing Melanie in the stroller with my right hand, holding Madison on my left hip and holding the doll stroller with doll falling out in my left hand, two babies crying. Sometimes I wonder what the neighbors must think..

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I thought I should start off by introducing myself and my little family. A few years ago I met Gary.
We fell in love and got married.

After a year and a half of wedded bliss, we welcomed our first daughter Madison.

Nineteen months later, we welcomed another precious baby girl, Melanie.

Did I mention that we also have two dogs...Sam and Allie. Life is busy and messy and fun in our house. I'm hoping to use this blog to capture our day to day life for my girls to read when they are older since their baby books are practically empty (bad mommy) and I can't remember when any firsts occured (bad mommy). Maybe I should call this blog bad mommy....