Friday, November 25, 2011

Sick baby bath

Melanie has a cold. I thought I would give her what I refer to as a sick baby bath. I use the vapor bath bubble wash and let them soak in it for awhile. I haven't done it in a long time. Turns out Mel is not fond of the bubbles. What should have been a relaxing, soothing bath to make her feel less stuffy turned into her standing up and crying at the bubbles and trying to shake them off.

Where did this cute wierdo come from???
Mel during a happier bath session. "Swimming" after all of the water was gone.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Nights to remember

Sometimes the nights all seem to blur together. Tonight was a typical night at our house but was so much fun that I want to remember it. Both girls woke up somewhat cranky (not long enough of a nap since I had them at Target until late this afternoon) but a little Barney and they were happy again. None of us really wanted to dinner so we all picked at it and then threw in the towel. The girls and I went outside to play with the water table....this little table you fill with water and they can stand around it and splash and play with little squirt animals. Of course they don't stand. I had to put chairs around it so we can all put our feet in it and play. Maddy had to wear her new bathing suit. Maddy got upset after a few minutes (I can't remember over what but EVERYTHING upsets her these days) so she went in to be with Daddy. Mellie and I stayed outside. We splashed and played and eventually Mellie was naked sitting in the biggest part of the watering table. She was so cute! Maddy saw and got jealous...she wanted to get in the table. There was no way she would fit. Our compromise...she got to lay in the water in the bath tub in her new bathing suit. Adorable. Then we chased each other up and down the hallway, growling, and played hide and seek. At the end of the night, we were all laying in our bed....Mellie on Gary's side, Maddy in the middle and me on the other end...both of them with the covers pulled up...Mellie pretending to snore. It was so sweet to just be able to be with them like that. Sometimes life gets to busy that I'm afraid I'm missing these moments with my girls. I'm glad I had a good one tonight and remembered to write it down.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More pictures

My mother's day picture with the girls. After a very busy day, we made the trip to the park. Little Mel was a trooper but she was tired. Just once I would like a good picture of me with my babies!

Maddy has gotten so good at the slide! I'm so very proud of her.

Melanie is not a fan of the slide or really much about the park at all except sitting in the way of other kids.

Maddy with her Easter basket. She LOVED all of the candy.

Mellie with her candy. She was half way through her jelly beans before I even realized that she had them open!

The Easter bunny brought them each a princess dress.

Mellie's is a fairy and Maddy is Cinderella.

Catch up in pictures

Here we are making one of our first trips to the park of the year. It was pretty cold but the girl's loved riding in their wagon. Pushing the wagon all the way to the park was tough.

Some nights Elmo needs to be tucked in with a paci also :)

The girls love jumping in Maddy's bed and "booing" each other. It's so fun to see them actually interacting.

Sometimes only Daddy will do.

Easter dresses...are they not the cutest things ever!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


It would appear that we have been missing. I can most assuredly say that we are all alive and well and happy. I've been neglecting the computer in exchange for more family time with Gary at night (he's home now!) and I have to get to bed earlier because our whole routine has changed. With Gary now working days, Monday-Friday, the girls go to YaYa's house 2-3 times a week, to Amanda's house twice a week and Granddad will watch them one day, some weeks. It has been quite an adjustment...getting up early, packing lunches, rushing to get ready and then in the evening trying to get dinner ready and still have time to spend doing fun things. I can't say we're great at it....but we are better than we were.
So much has been happening in the past few months! Mellie is walking! She really started moving around on May 2nd and is now fairly confident in her walking and even sort of running. It is the cutest thing to see her chubby legs walking down the side walk. Mellie had her first ear infection...first for either of them. Both girls are constantly covered in bruises and falling and running into things...I think they may have inherited my coordination. Maddy is now going down the slides at the park all by herself, dressing her self and picking out her clothes. She "helped" me plant some flowers and herbs and we look at the mommy bird every day. She is currently obsessed with Barney and when they sing at the end the whole family gets in a big hug and hugs and kisses (it's my favorite part of the night). Melanie is saying a lot but most of it I have no idea what she is saying. Maddy just is talking up a storm. She is also very eager to please and has become my little helper. Since they have been going to Amanda's and having the opportunity to hang out with many other kids, Maddy has really opened up socially. I am extremely proud of her.
I am missing my girls today. Can't wait to see them tonight!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mellie is one!

Today is my sweet baby's first birthday. To those who don't know, finding out that we were pregnant with Melanie took us by surprise. I can happily say that we have all survived the first year and she really did complete our family. She is gorgeous (of course!), funny, silly, stubborn, adventurous and quite the dancer. I truly could not love her more. I stayed home from work today to be here with her on her birthday. Maddy and I sang Happy Birthday to her no less than 10 times. She had her first cupcake. She got tons of hugs and kisses from her mommy. Happy Birthday Melanie!!!
Ok yes this is from Christmas but its too cute!