Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Melanie got a top tooth!

I am a little bit behind in my blogging. Sunday we had a small dinner at Yaya's for Uncle Andy's 30th!! birthday. It was a good time. Uncle Andy is so crazy about Madison. I really enjoy watching him watching her. It's almost as if everything she does is the smartest, cutest thing he's ever seen. Now don't think that he doesn't love Melanie...he does but it's different. He's not as comfortable around the wee ones and she can't play the way that Maddy does. Maddy was equally as excited to see Uncle Andy and play with him, and see T-tee but most of all, to eat ice cream! Wouldn't touch the cake but wanted seconds of the ice cream. So cute. Mellie was not quite a fan of ice cream but did like icing from the cake. In fact, she was sitting in Uncle Andy's lap when Yaya brought out the cake so when he went to blow out the candles she reached out and grabbed a big handful of icing. I wish I had my camera out for that moment. I do hope that one day my brother decides to have a family of his own....he has no idea how much more in awe of your own children you can be. I truly had no idea until I had a few of my own.
Monday was a rough day for Daddy. He had the girls all to himself and Maddy was in a mood. Melanie was her usual happy self so that was fun for Daddy. When I got home, we decided to go out to eat...even with two grumpy kids. It actually went really well. Cute story...Maddy had two chicken fingers and maybe 10 fries left on her plate and a small cup of ranch dressing. I asked her if she was done and she shook her head no. So Daddy asked her if she wanted to take it home and she picked up the ranch dressing and started putting all of the fries in it like she was going to carry the cup of dressing and fries home. It was adorable. So sweet and innocent.
Today was a special day. Melanie cut another tooth...right top front. She had been drooling a lot and chewing on her fingers and anything else she could get in her mouth so I'm not surprised. She is doing surprisingly well with teething. Not much fussing and no waking up at night. We've had a few crying outs around 11pm or so but with a little rearrangement and re-pacifying she went back to sleep. She is such a trooper!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Maddy swatting at mosquitoes

Last Saturday in August

We had a great day today! Both girls woke up in really good moods and continued that way until our usual breakdowns at night. Funny story from today: Maddy and I were outside digging in the dirt and I saw a mosquito around her. So I kept trying to squish it between my hands with a clap. I guess to Maddy it looked like I was just clapping at nothing. So after I did this a few times and I told her I was trying to get the mosquito, she gets a very serious face, puts the shovel down and starts clapping in the air at nothing, just like mommy. It was hilarious. She did it numerous times...always with a serious face. So cute! We all got to take a nap this afternoon--yeah!--but we had trauma at bath time. I've been using dove sensitive skin body wash on the girls b/c the pediatrician recommended it. Well Maddy has become obsessed with soap at bath time and has to carry the "soap and poo" bottles around. I had Melanie in the bath and I looked over and Maddy is covered in body wash...it was even smeared in her hair. So I had to get her into the bath too. Well she rubbed her eyes with the Dove soap on them, started crying, rubbed them with the wash cloth that she has covered in Dove soap, more crying. It was awful b/c I was trying to flush her eyes with unsoapy water and use the towel but she was hysterical. Eventually Daddy came and got Mellie and I flushed Maddy's eyes with saline and they seem fine. I think I am going to switch back to the no tears formula baby wash for awhile. Tomorrow we are going to Yaya's to celebrate Uncle Andy turning 30!! Should be a good time. Until then...
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Thursday, August 26, 2010


Look out Mellie...Maddy is trying to rub your head. 

Trying to wake daddy up

Seriously? No more pics ma!
Today we are trying something new. I have been having the toughest time with Melanie at night. She starts fussing almost as soon as she walks in the door in the evening. She fusses through dinner and then basically cries at me, unless we go outside for a walk, until bath and then nap time. Tonight after dinner, we went outside to check on the plant and give it some water (more on that later). Melanie was not very happy outside and the mosquitoes were pretty bad so we came inside. She was fussy and crying almost immediately. So I went ahead and gave her her bottle. Then it was upstairs for bath and then right to sleep. She was probably in bed by 7:45 which is early for her...by about 45 minutes. So I am hoping that she doesn't get up early and this may become our nightly routine. Her going to bed early allowed Maddy and I some time together which was nice.
So our plant...it is a tomato plant that my co worker's parents started and then he brought some to work so I took one. I have never, EVER been able to keep any sort of plant alive. I thought it would be fun for Maddy and I to do this project together and take care of our plant. So we put it in a pot and she has been feeding it miracle grow pellets and watering it and amazingly we have had two tomatoes!! Oh, did I mention that I don't like tomatoes so honestly, why am I growing a tomato plant? I don't know. But it has been fun and I am now fantasizing about my lush and gorgeous garden full of tomatoes, squash, zucchini, potatoes, cucumbers, herbs and all sorts of things for next year. I should also mention that while I have managed to keep my tomato plant alive, I killed a hanging plant and the planter of plants out front of my house. So maybe I am bad a flowers but good at produce????
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bay continued

Now I actually have some time to write about our trip to the bay. YaYa took the girls down Friday during lunch so Maddy ate her sandwich in the car (I think). I met them after I got off of work. Both were happy to see me...Maddy especially. Apparently the poor thing thought I would be there when she got there. Anway, after dinner we went down to the bay to walk. Madison was very excited to see the bay and run in the sand. Unfortunately Melanie was not very happy so we didn't stay long which caused an almost temper tantrum from Maddy. Saturday just Maddy and I went down to the bay. I got her to pretend to swim and we threw shells into the water. She only lasted about 40 minutes, said "bye bay" and was heading up the stairs back to the house. I had to laugh at how quickly she was ready to go and was going. Katy and family came to visit after nap time and it was the first time in a long time that I was able to visit and hold a conversation with someone. Melanie and Maddy were both so mesmerized by the boys that I didn't need to give them much attention at all. We went for another walk that evening. Sunday all of the G girls were tired. I heard Mellie a few times in the night and Maddy cried several times (slept with the door open to hear Mellie and monitor for Maddy) so I was up often also. We stayed and ate lunch and then were home by nap time. It was a whirlwind trip but one I need to do more often.
My grandmother, Maw-as we affectionately call her, has always been there for all of us grandkids over the years. We lost my grandfather before either of my girls were born so they will never know him but I really want them to know Maw. This trip was the first time either of them went willingly to sit in her lap, played with her and smiled at her. It is very hard to travel with my girls and to tend to them on a less than full nights sleep but these connections I want them to make aren't going to do it themselves so I've got to suck it up and make it happen. I'm thinking we may be heading back in October ;)
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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekend at the bay

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More pics and writing to come tomorrow. Had a wonderful time but exhausting!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Almost the weekend!

This has been a very long week for me. Work has been crazy busy so unfortunately the girls have not had their usual mommy...and I am mommy as of today...no more momma...it makes me sort of sad. I will be meeting the girls down at my grandmother's house tomorrow evening. YaYa is taking them tomorrow morning. It will be just us girls all weekend. I will do my best to take lots of pictures. Until then (and for Daddy who will be missing his ladies) here are a few from tonight:
Happy Melanie

If you look closely you can see the mosquito biting Madison's cheek...ewww!
I am really looking forward to a weekend away. I hope both girls enjoy the bay and the sand as much as I do!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Few things

There are a few things that I don't want to forget about this time with Maddy and Melanie. Right now Madison has a doggie (white with gray dots, dog head, blanket body) she loves to pieces. She needs it to sleep here and is so happy when she comes home from YaYa's and he's here. We have been having to walk down to the neighbor's house at the end of the block to check on their tomato plants. We do it several times a night. Melanie has started reaching for me :) I LOVE it! I just love seeing her chubby arms moving toward me for me to pick her up. Maddy has just started saying boo. She boos me and Melanie while I am giving Melanie a bath by standing on the other side of the partition and booing us through the shampoo bottles. Melanie loves to pull the little hairs on the back of my head...the ones that hurt a lot when they are pulled. They both seem to be losing some baby fat...they are growing up too fast!
You can almost see doggie in the far left hand corner of the crib...this was Maddy's crib all ready for her before she was born.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Today we visited Uncle Andy and Christine (Anndee and T-Tee as Maddy says). When we first got there we had a quick jam session.
Uncle Andy on the guitar
Then we had a picnic on the carpet. Maddy had a peanut butter and honey sandwich (no issues today) and some berries. Melanie had oatmeal and peaches. For the most part they were good. When you have two little ones and go visiting, it goes a little something like this: arrive, carry clinging shy children through the house, feed them, play for a split second, leave with two crying children that need a nap. Super. We get invited back a lot...not really :) It was fun to go somewhere though. Melanie took a quick snooze in the car so no afternoon nap for her. Maddy took a good nap. Overall it was a good day but I am exhausted from the weekend. Daddy has the girls tomorrow and I'm sure they will be perfect angels for him.

Melanie being cute

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Motherhood is gross

Ahhh Saturday. We had a really good day. Good naps for the kiddies, good playing, good moods and a few good pics. Let me explain a funny thing that happened today and why I say motherhood is gross. Before having kids I would see moms out and about in what appeared to be workout gear or something that should never be worn outside of the house. I admit....I judged. Now I get it. We're gross. There is not a day that goes by that I am not covered in drool, food, juice/formula, dirt, bubbles, chalk....I could go on and on. I clean butts all day long. I wipe tears on my sleeves (usually not my own). My hair gets pulled constantly so it is always in a ponytail. No earrings or necklaces for me unless I want them ripped out of my ears or broken. I spend my time on the floor, on the ground, in the dirt. So I don't reach for my nicer clothes when I'm around my kids...no I reach for anything semi-clean that I could care less if it gets stained or smells. Today Maddy and I sat down for lunch...peanut butter and honey sandwiches. She has to open her half sandwich and eat the honey side first. So her last bite was a rather big one of bread and peanut butter. She started whining and crying at me a few minutes later. It took me a while to figure out what was wrong...she had it stuck on the roof of her mouth and couldn't get it off :)) I had to stick my finger in there and pull out it out of her mouth. Awesome. So for the last time, motherhood is gross.
Other than the food adventure we had other super fun times (for real!).

Here the girl's are together in Melanie's crib. Maddy had to get in when we woke Melanie up from her nap.
I just had to put this one up because I think Melanie looks too cute!!

Melanie in her bouncy thing for the first time. She seemed to really like it. Madison wasn't too happy to see Melanie in her old toy.
 I so look forward to days like these with my girls. They are the reason I love being a momma.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sick or not sick??

Poor Melanie. She has not been herself all week. She woke up two nights this week at 2am and last night at 5am. The 2am nights she went back to sleep rather quickly, last night she was up for ~35 minutes and then a huge thunderstorm rolled through and kept her up another 10 or so minutes. She has also been very fussy and cranky which is quite different from my usual happy lovey baby. Tonight I finally broke down and called the doctor to see if it's teething or an ear infection. In lieu of a fever, which she doesn't have, it's probably teething. So I gave her some acetaminophen and a bottle and thought I had called it a night with her. She was rubbing her eye like crazy and when I got her upstairs I noticed that her eye is all red and goopy. I'm hoping she just got something in it so I rinsed her eye with saline. She actually didn't get too upset at me. So I am dreading my 5am wake up call tomorrow to a baby with double ear infections and pink eye! Ok I'm being dramatic...that's what happens to tired Mommies. Not that it's any excuse but I didn't take any pics today so I'll have to find an old one of the patient.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Moving on up!

Today both girls stepped up their eating comfort. Maddy's booster seat arrived today so now she gets to eat at the table
Notice the crossed eyes. She has been doing this a lot lately. It makes me laugh. She is turning into such a little person. Now that she can express herself, most of the time, verbally it amazes me the things she thinks about. I just watched her for awhile tonight....constantly moving and talking and exploring. I love how everything is so exciting.
Madison moving to the table meant Melanie gets to go to the high chair!
Isn't she the cutest?!?!?! Poor Mellie did not have a good day. I'm thinking it has to do with her teeth. She was a fussy one tonight and actually fell asleep while having her night time bottle...that never happens. She only fell asleep nursing. Hopefully she has a better day tomorrow. Good night my growing girls!

Granddad's Birthday

Here are a few pics from Granddad's birthday. We celebrated on Sunday with a crab feast while Maddy slept and then played with both girls while they were up. Melanie woke up from her nap just as crab eating was beginning and after her bottle, she was a perfect angel. She sat in her chair and didn't make a peep..except to laugh and giggle at Granddad. Here is Maddy with her Uncle Andy...isn't he mature?

Out of ten pictures that I took of Granddad and the girls, this is the best one. Madison just was not willing to cooperate! I think the one of him and Mellie is good.

I just had to include this pic. It wasn't from Sunday night but Monday night. Both girls were just exhausted from the weekend and went to bed early. Maddy wore her sunglasses to watch her show (it's the only distraction we could come up with) and snuggled Daddy.

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Saturday, August 7, 2010


Today was a good day. We got an early start thanks to little Mellie waking up at 6:45am. She was back asleep by 8 and then Madison was up by 8:30. I was able to leisurely drink one cup of coffee.
Melanie is sitting up now, although she does fall sometimes and she is no longer very interested in playing on her activity mat. Two signs that she is growing up...too fast! She has also been babbling Momma....I think directing it toward me. Could this be her first word?? We shall see.
Maddy's vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds. Daddy accidentally said a bad word in front of her and she repeated it..twice. Now we have to really watch what we say! She also calls herself...Mad-dee-dee. So cute!
All Maddy wanted to do today was go outside so we spent some time checking our tomato plant and watering our other plants and push/crying at her bike.  Melanie was so off her schedule that she didn't take her usual three hour afternoon nap so I didn't get any cleaning done . I took a few pics of the girls while we were in Mommy and Daddy's room helping Daddy wind down before he went to sleep.
Ok so I lied. No good pics of Maddy in our room but here she is at lunch today.

She had to wear her pretty tiara :) Oh and I have been wanting to write about Maddy and her green beans. She loves canned green beans. Eats them with lunch and dinner EVERY DAY. We count them as she eats them and she will say the numbers 1-4. Love it!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


First let me tell you about shoes like I promised yesterday. After coming home from the wedding I left my shoes out in the box. Yesterday Madison found them and started saying shoes, shoes. So we spent a good 20 minutes and the entire time I gave Melanie her night time bottle with Madison putting my shoes on my feet and taking them off again. Eventually she found that it was more fun for her to put them on her own feet :)

Today we had our first head injury. Ok it was more of a head poke, in the scalp, that bled and bled. But I don't have to feel guilty about it. Nope. It occurred under YaYa's watch. She let me know immediately what had happened and I spoke to Madison on the phone but she didn't even mention a boo boo. Tonight in the bath I searched her scalp for a mark, a scab...anything. Nothing. I am glad that I didn't witness the head bleeder. I had enough years taken from my life with the two lip/tongue bitings (Madison) and nail clippers gone wrong (Melanie) that I am good for another six months. I think YaYa is good for a year at least. So Madison and Melanie, no more bleeders for awhile.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

We're back!

Gary and I made it back safe and sound. It was a long trip and I missed my girls very much. I made YaYa send me pics all of the time and I called every night that I could (couldn't call the night of the wedding) to say good night to Madison. It was so wonderful to be able to call and actually talk to her. I am still amazed at how her vocabulary grows every day. Here are some pics from the wedding so my girls can know why one weekend we had to leave them behind and celebrate with Jim and Lauren.
Here is one from our drive to the wedding:
Gary and Jim
The four of us at the wedding           

Stay tuned for tomorrow when it's all about shoes :)