Saturday, August 20, 2011

Nights to remember

Sometimes the nights all seem to blur together. Tonight was a typical night at our house but was so much fun that I want to remember it. Both girls woke up somewhat cranky (not long enough of a nap since I had them at Target until late this afternoon) but a little Barney and they were happy again. None of us really wanted to dinner so we all picked at it and then threw in the towel. The girls and I went outside to play with the water table....this little table you fill with water and they can stand around it and splash and play with little squirt animals. Of course they don't stand. I had to put chairs around it so we can all put our feet in it and play. Maddy had to wear her new bathing suit. Maddy got upset after a few minutes (I can't remember over what but EVERYTHING upsets her these days) so she went in to be with Daddy. Mellie and I stayed outside. We splashed and played and eventually Mellie was naked sitting in the biggest part of the watering table. She was so cute! Maddy saw and got jealous...she wanted to get in the table. There was no way she would fit. Our compromise...she got to lay in the water in the bath tub in her new bathing suit. Adorable. Then we chased each other up and down the hallway, growling, and played hide and seek. At the end of the night, we were all laying in our bed....Mellie on Gary's side, Maddy in the middle and me on the other end...both of them with the covers pulled up...Mellie pretending to snore. It was so sweet to just be able to be with them like that. Sometimes life gets to busy that I'm afraid I'm missing these moments with my girls. I'm glad I had a good one tonight and remembered to write it down.

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