Friday, November 5, 2010

YaYa's Birthday

Today was a special day because it was YaYa's birthday. YaYa is my mom. She is my girls' grandmother and caregiver. If I think about it, she actually probably spends more time with them then I do. Her generosity allows Gary and I the freedom to work so that we can provide food, clothing and shelter for our family. I know that she loves my girls almost as much as I do ;) and I honestly never have to worry about them when they are with her...I worry more about her! She is also my friend.
We had dinner last night with YaYa, Uncle Andy and Christine for YaYa's birthday. It was a lot of fun. We haven't all been together in a while and I've missed it. Maddy was sooo excited to see Uncle Andy. She wanted his attention the entire time. Melanie had fun watching Maddy and Uncle Andy play. She also had a small taste of bread pudding and loved it! Tonight just us girls had dinner for YaYa's birthday here at home. I attempted to make YaYa's favorite cake. Not my worst attempt but it didn't look anything like a cake...more like a pile of squished mess and the icing had a strong alcohol flavor to it. I guess I'll try again next year. Maddy actually sang "Happy Birthday to YaYa". It was so sweet! Well off to bed. Hopefully Maddy stays in bed tonight and I can get a solid night's sleep. Happy Birthday YaYa...We love you!!!

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