Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sit! Sit!

Here is what Maddy wants to do all day long. I hear "sit sit" and she is racing into the kitchen. She wants to sit on the counter and basically mess with everything up there. She picks up the container holding the spenda (which is what she is reaching for in the bottom pic) and says Mommy--Mommy is also the coffee maker, coffee pot and coffee bean grinder ( I may drink too much coffee on the weekends). Daddy is the glass container of olive oil and Aunt Gina is the lavender candle that Aunt Gina made for my bridal shower four years ago. Maddy will sit on the counter the entire time I get dinner ready. It's actually helped at dinner time because I know where she is and can keep an eye on her. Before go into the living room and would be silent and I knew she was doing something she wasn't supposed to be doing but I was making dinner so when I wondered into the room I would see something like this:

Love my Maddy!
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