Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Melanie got a top tooth!

I am a little bit behind in my blogging. Sunday we had a small dinner at Yaya's for Uncle Andy's 30th!! birthday. It was a good time. Uncle Andy is so crazy about Madison. I really enjoy watching him watching her. It's almost as if everything she does is the smartest, cutest thing he's ever seen. Now don't think that he doesn't love Melanie...he does but it's different. He's not as comfortable around the wee ones and she can't play the way that Maddy does. Maddy was equally as excited to see Uncle Andy and play with him, and see T-tee but most of all, to eat ice cream! Wouldn't touch the cake but wanted seconds of the ice cream. So cute. Mellie was not quite a fan of ice cream but did like icing from the cake. In fact, she was sitting in Uncle Andy's lap when Yaya brought out the cake so when he went to blow out the candles she reached out and grabbed a big handful of icing. I wish I had my camera out for that moment. I do hope that one day my brother decides to have a family of his own....he has no idea how much more in awe of your own children you can be. I truly had no idea until I had a few of my own.
Monday was a rough day for Daddy. He had the girls all to himself and Maddy was in a mood. Melanie was her usual happy self so that was fun for Daddy. When I got home, we decided to go out to eat...even with two grumpy kids. It actually went really well. Cute story...Maddy had two chicken fingers and maybe 10 fries left on her plate and a small cup of ranch dressing. I asked her if she was done and she shook her head no. So Daddy asked her if she wanted to take it home and she picked up the ranch dressing and started putting all of the fries in it like she was going to carry the cup of dressing and fries home. It was adorable. So sweet and innocent.
Today was a special day. Melanie cut another tooth...right top front. She had been drooling a lot and chewing on her fingers and anything else she could get in her mouth so I'm not surprised. She is doing surprisingly well with teething. Not much fussing and no waking up at night. We've had a few crying outs around 11pm or so but with a little rearrangement and re-pacifying she went back to sleep. She is such a trooper!

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