Sunday, December 19, 2010


Yep, she is finally mobile. Lots of little grunts and rocking but she wanted to touch the surround sound receiver so badly that she crawled two steps to get there. It was the cutest thing! We all cheered and she got a big grin. Even Maddy was clapping and saying good girl sissy. I still have a hard time with my little Mellie growing up. As much as I want her to be mobile and not so frustrated, I still want her to be my little baby. At least she still snuggles me sometimes...for the briefest of seconds :) We had a really great weekend. I took the girls shopping with me to Bed Bath and Beyond of Saturday. It was crazy! Sooo many people everywhere. While we were shopping, anytime I stopped the cart and was looking at something Maddy would alert me of others by saying "People are coming! People are coming!" They both loved being out and shopping with Mommy. Saturday night we didn't do anything exciting but we were all together (Daddy too) so that made it nice. Sunday we grocery shopped and went to Sam's club. Lots of things packed into a small amount of time. They were both angels. I did get them slightly off schedule and my punishment was Mellie not napping. When I finally gave in and went to get her to have quiet time with me, she was sitting up in her crib with her blanket over her head, looking like a little ghost. It was so cute. Since she didn't nap, she went to bed early and Maddy and I made cookies. Maddy was so excited and happy. She kept saying "Maddy help Mommy. Mommy and Maddy make chookies!" I let her measure some things, use the mixer and roll the dough balls in cinnamon and sugar. At one point I was plopping dough balls in the sugar for her to roll and not paying super close attention and I heard her say "hhhmmmm". I looked up and all of the dough balls were missing small pinches from them. She was helping herself! Adorable.

I have really been having some of the best times with my girls lately. I am so amazed by them and find myself getting caught up in their excitement and all of us laughing together.

Oh, and Maddy wouldn't use the potty all weekend. Told me when she was peepeeing but almost cried when I suggested the potty. Yeah...two steps forward....three steps back.

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