Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tis the season

Saturday we decided to put up the tree. Between Gary and me, I am the one with never ending Christmas spirit. I think he wouldn't even bother with a tree. I am very glad to see that Madison has inherited my love of Christmas. I have a feeling that this Christmas will be the one that she remembers for next year. 

Here we are unpacking the tree.

She had to touch it.

Melanie was a big helper :)

Helping Daddy put the angel on top.
Showing Doggie the ornaments.
Madison helped me put ornaments on the tree and we talked about each one while she hung them up. On Sunday she spent the entire day going over to the tree and naming all of the ornaments....mommy, daddy, Santa, glass Santa, two Maddys (two ornaments that she hung together that have her picture in them), book, nutcracker, ball Santa, Sam's bone and Allie's bone. We also practiced whose stocking was what color. Poor Mellie will be using Maddy's baby's first Christmas stocking. It wasn't until we hung it up that I noticed it said 2008 on it wrong if I write over that in marker??

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