Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Two Successes!

We have had two potty successes in as many days!!! Yesterday Maddy went pee pee on the potty for the first time. I may have made too big of a deal about it and she started crying (oops). But she also seemed scared that she had gone on the that a normal reaction? Today she went poop on the potty...I still can't believe it. She wasn't even sitting on the potty when I looked away to Mellie and next thing I knew the potty was singing and Maddy was scared but very quickly was proud...I also didn't make as big of a deal out of it. She got to enjoy her lollipop and soda (ok, sue me. I was tempting her with anything to get her to go on the potty) and was very happy. Maybe, finally, could she be ready for potty training??? :)

Here are a few pics that our budding photographer took.

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