Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I had a 30% off at Kohl's coupon...Melanie needs 18 month winter clothes...a shopping we went. Holy Moly. I am lucky that my mom doesn't mind accompanying me on these types of adventures. There's no way that Gary would have gotten up early to come and I would have done it myself and left with only a few things because once the meltdowns started and Maddy had to be held, I would have ran out of there. With YaYa as a distraction and a helping pair of extra hands, I got a ton of stuff for Melanie and one adorable sweater dress for Maddy. We did, however, leave the nice people at Kohl's a trail of clothes strewn about as Madison happily picked out clothes for MelMel. Things like 3 month dresses, boys cardigan and khaki set, several cute but not size appropriate outfits. Whenever she did pick up something that was the right size....I bought it :) I think my children's entire wardrobe is going to be from Kohls. Granddad gets $10 coupons and gives them to us all of the time so most of Maddy's shirts right now are from Kohls. I'm lucky that they have cute stuff. After our exhausting, hot shopping trip, we headed out to dinner at Ruby Tuesday. Overall it was a very pleasant dinner. Both girls were hungry by then so they ate quietly. Of course Maddy had to ask for ice tea but they didn't have any decaf ice tea (like we do at home) so she had to settle for juice. She's too funny. If you ask her, "do you love MelMel?" She'll respond "yes!" But when I ask her "do you love Mommy?", she says nothing. No words. Not even a nod.
Sorry for the randomness of this post. I think my mommy brain needs some rest. I did get all of the new clothes washed tonight so Mel is going to be one hot baby tomorrow!

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