Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weekend Wrap up

We had a great weekend. Beautiful fall weather. The girls were so adorable and fun and Gary was off!
Sunday we took a trip to the park. Maddy was very excited.
That was her going down the slide...with sippy cup. She did really well going down the slide but always had to have some help. Here are a few pics from the park:

Melanie likes to swing....Maddy does not!

My family <3

This is how Mellie gets poor Maddy's hair and yanks on it the entire time we're in the stroller :)
I did have one moment this weekend, I usually do, it was just Melanie and me and she was being so cute and talking and she reached for me and put her head on my chest and just rested there for a while. I hate having to go to work and miss opportunities for moments like those.

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