Sunday, August 15, 2010


Today we visited Uncle Andy and Christine (Anndee and T-Tee as Maddy says). When we first got there we had a quick jam session.
Uncle Andy on the guitar
Then we had a picnic on the carpet. Maddy had a peanut butter and honey sandwich (no issues today) and some berries. Melanie had oatmeal and peaches. For the most part they were good. When you have two little ones and go visiting, it goes a little something like this: arrive, carry clinging shy children through the house, feed them, play for a split second, leave with two crying children that need a nap. Super. We get invited back a lot...not really :) It was fun to go somewhere though. Melanie took a quick snooze in the car so no afternoon nap for her. Maddy took a good nap. Overall it was a good day but I am exhausted from the weekend. Daddy has the girls tomorrow and I'm sure they will be perfect angels for him.

Melanie being cute

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