Saturday, August 14, 2010

Motherhood is gross

Ahhh Saturday. We had a really good day. Good naps for the kiddies, good playing, good moods and a few good pics. Let me explain a funny thing that happened today and why I say motherhood is gross. Before having kids I would see moms out and about in what appeared to be workout gear or something that should never be worn outside of the house. I admit....I judged. Now I get it. We're gross. There is not a day that goes by that I am not covered in drool, food, juice/formula, dirt, bubbles, chalk....I could go on and on. I clean butts all day long. I wipe tears on my sleeves (usually not my own). My hair gets pulled constantly so it is always in a ponytail. No earrings or necklaces for me unless I want them ripped out of my ears or broken. I spend my time on the floor, on the ground, in the dirt. So I don't reach for my nicer clothes when I'm around my I reach for anything semi-clean that I could care less if it gets stained or smells. Today Maddy and I sat down for lunch...peanut butter and honey sandwiches. She has to open her half sandwich and eat the honey side first. So her last bite was a rather big one of bread and peanut butter. She started whining and crying at me a few minutes later. It took me a while to figure out what was wrong...she had it stuck on the roof of her mouth and couldn't get it off :)) I had to stick my finger in there and pull out it out of her mouth. Awesome. So for the last time, motherhood is gross.
Other than the food adventure we had other super fun times (for real!).

Here the girl's are together in Melanie's crib. Maddy had to get in when we woke Melanie up from her nap.
I just had to put this one up because I think Melanie looks too cute!!

Melanie in her bouncy thing for the first time. She seemed to really like it. Madison wasn't too happy to see Melanie in her old toy.
 I so look forward to days like these with my girls. They are the reason I love being a momma.

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