Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sick or not sick??

Poor Melanie. She has not been herself all week. She woke up two nights this week at 2am and last night at 5am. The 2am nights she went back to sleep rather quickly, last night she was up for ~35 minutes and then a huge thunderstorm rolled through and kept her up another 10 or so minutes. She has also been very fussy and cranky which is quite different from my usual happy lovey baby. Tonight I finally broke down and called the doctor to see if it's teething or an ear infection. In lieu of a fever, which she doesn't have, it's probably teething. So I gave her some acetaminophen and a bottle and thought I had called it a night with her. She was rubbing her eye like crazy and when I got her upstairs I noticed that her eye is all red and goopy. I'm hoping she just got something in it so I rinsed her eye with saline. She actually didn't get too upset at me. So I am dreading my 5am wake up call tomorrow to a baby with double ear infections and pink eye! Ok I'm being dramatic...that's what happens to tired Mommies. Not that it's any excuse but I didn't take any pics today so I'll have to find an old one of the patient.

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