Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Granddad's Birthday

Here are a few pics from Granddad's birthday. We celebrated on Sunday with a crab feast while Maddy slept and then played with both girls while they were up. Melanie woke up from her nap just as crab eating was beginning and after her bottle, she was a perfect angel. She sat in her chair and didn't make a peep..except to laugh and giggle at Granddad. Here is Maddy with her Uncle Andy...isn't he mature?

Out of ten pictures that I took of Granddad and the girls, this is the best one. Madison just was not willing to cooperate! I think the one of him and Mellie is good.

I just had to include this pic. It wasn't from Sunday night but Monday night. Both girls were just exhausted from the weekend and went to bed early. Maddy wore her sunglasses to watch her show (it's the only distraction we could come up with) and snuggled Daddy.

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