Saturday, August 28, 2010

Last Saturday in August

We had a great day today! Both girls woke up in really good moods and continued that way until our usual breakdowns at night. Funny story from today: Maddy and I were outside digging in the dirt and I saw a mosquito around her. So I kept trying to squish it between my hands with a clap. I guess to Maddy it looked like I was just clapping at nothing. So after I did this a few times and I told her I was trying to get the mosquito, she gets a very serious face, puts the shovel down and starts clapping in the air at nothing, just like mommy. It was hilarious. She did it numerous times...always with a serious face. So cute! We all got to take a nap this afternoon--yeah!--but we had trauma at bath time. I've been using dove sensitive skin body wash on the girls b/c the pediatrician recommended it. Well Maddy has become obsessed with soap at bath time and has to carry the "soap and poo" bottles around. I had Melanie in the bath and I looked over and Maddy is covered in body was even smeared in her hair. So I had to get her into the bath too. Well she rubbed her eyes with the Dove soap on them, started crying, rubbed them with the wash cloth that she has covered in Dove soap, more crying. It was awful b/c I was trying to flush her eyes with unsoapy water and use the towel but she was hysterical. Eventually Daddy came and got Mellie and I flushed Maddy's eyes with saline and they seem fine. I think I am going to switch back to the no tears formula baby wash for awhile. Tomorrow we are going to Yaya's to celebrate Uncle Andy turning 30!! Should be a good time. Until then...
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