Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Few things

There are a few things that I don't want to forget about this time with Maddy and Melanie. Right now Madison has a doggie (white with gray dots, dog head, blanket body) she loves to pieces. She needs it to sleep here and is so happy when she comes home from YaYa's and he's here. We have been having to walk down to the neighbor's house at the end of the block to check on their tomato plants. We do it several times a night. Melanie has started reaching for me :) I LOVE it! I just love seeing her chubby arms moving toward me for me to pick her up. Maddy has just started saying boo. She boos me and Melanie while I am giving Melanie a bath by standing on the other side of the partition and booing us through the shampoo bottles. Melanie loves to pull the little hairs on the back of my head...the ones that hurt a lot when they are pulled. They both seem to be losing some baby fat...they are growing up too fast!
You can almost see doggie in the far left hand corner of the crib...this was Maddy's crib all ready for her before she was born.

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