Thursday, August 5, 2010


First let me tell you about shoes like I promised yesterday. After coming home from the wedding I left my shoes out in the box. Yesterday Madison found them and started saying shoes, shoes. So we spent a good 20 minutes and the entire time I gave Melanie her night time bottle with Madison putting my shoes on my feet and taking them off again. Eventually she found that it was more fun for her to put them on her own feet :)

Today we had our first head injury. Ok it was more of a head poke, in the scalp, that bled and bled. But I don't have to feel guilty about it. Nope. It occurred under YaYa's watch. She let me know immediately what had happened and I spoke to Madison on the phone but she didn't even mention a boo boo. Tonight in the bath I searched her scalp for a mark, a scab...anything. Nothing. I am glad that I didn't witness the head bleeder. I had enough years taken from my life with the two lip/tongue bitings (Madison) and nail clippers gone wrong (Melanie) that I am good for another six months. I think YaYa is good for a year at least. So Madison and Melanie, no more bleeders for awhile.

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