Tuesday, July 20, 2010

6 months old today

My baby Melanie,
I can not believe that you are six months old today. I can't say that it seems like you were born yesterday because in all honesty it feels like you were born an eternity ago. I truly can't imagine my life without you in it. You have changed so much in six months. You smile and laugh at things I do all of the time. Of course you laugh at Daddy and Madison too but I only care about me :) You make lots of talking sounds and zerbert constantly. You can roll all over the place, have two teeth (got one today!!) and are sooo close to sitting up on your own. You love bath time and patty cake. I hate to admit that you stare at the tv when Madison is watching yo gabba gabba so I think you like that too. You love pulling hair. You are the most mellow, easy going baby girl. I can only imagine what wonderful things you will be doing six months from now.

Here you are then.

Here you are now.

Here we all are tonight!

Happy half birthday my chubbers!

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