Wednesday, July 28, 2010


YaYa and I took the girls to the carnival tonight (poor Daddy had to sleep b/c he had to work tonight). I can honestly say that Madison and I were super excited for the carnival and especially for ice cream. Maddy actually screamed as we were walking in. Although we did all have a good time it was too hot to have a really great time. Mellie was too hot and fussy after we all ate dinner and by 8:15 both girls were crying and it was time to run back to the car. Before the meltdowns began I did get a few cute pics.

Madison listening to the karaoke and people watching. Later she had to push the stroller herself with her sippy cup riding. It was quite the adventure to keep her from hitting people. Her meltdown began when I kept "helping" her steer the stroller.

Me and Mellie trying to take our own pic.

YaYa took this one for us. We were relaxing here after dinner listening to some interesting karaoke.

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