Monday, July 19, 2010


I definitely have a case of the Mondays. Crazy busy day at work...or should I say year at work. It never lets up! Makes it very difficult to transistion from Mommy to worker to mommy again. I feel like toward the end of the day I am so full of stress over whether I will get home on time and if I'll have the energy to be fun for the rest of the night. Something about seeing my two girls....the stress kind of melts away. Especially now that Madison gives really honest to goodness tight squeezing hugs. I love it!
Aunt Gina watched the girls today while I was at work. Everyone had a good time and took very good naps. Ofcourse they did, stinkers.
Funny story....After bath, Maddy picked out Melanie's jammies and said poop. (Another new word that she has been saying a lot). I said Melanie didn't poop. Maddy "poop" and points to the floor. She didn't poop but instead peed. Nice. It's so cute when she says poop though. I think it might be her first word :)

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