Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend Wrap up

Is this the sign of a good weekend?
Cluttered house with toys everywhere. We had a great weekend with family. Met up with the Ricketts clan on Saturday in Annapolis. You girls actually didn't do too badly in the car. I did have to sit back there and give Mellie her bottle and keep Madison entertained. Melanie took her first nap in a pack n play. I must say that get togethers with two young children are very different. Did I talk to anyone but my kids? Who was there? At least you both looked super cute! (I forgot the camera so no pics..sorry..bad mommy!)

Could this be the sign of a good weekend? Toddler stretched out on the couch, ready for bed. Madison carried that purse she is holding all over the place today. She packed it with Play Doh and doggie and took it to the supermarket with us. She was sort of anti-food this weekend. I guess the heat can do that to the best of us. Oh, Granddad came by for a bit today and played finger painting with us. Maddy was so excited she was shaking. Now she is out of paints though...I can't tell if she has more fun squeezing the paint out or painting. She also went shopping with me. She flipped through the dresses and shirts like a pro.

I tried to get a picture of all of us but Melanie didn't fit. Someday I will remember the camera and will ask someone to take our picture.

This is my favorite picture....the sign of a good weekend...super happy baby!

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