Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend wrap up

Ahhh, another weekend has come to an end. So much to tell.
Friday night: Aunt Gina came down from NJ for the weekend. We all went out to chinese buffet dinner. M and M were so good. Maddy enjoyed a very healthy dinner of duck sauce :) I brought Melanie some oatmeal and sweet potato so she was happy too. Mellie's favorit was being able to chew on a fortune cookie. Here she is at dinner:

Saturday: We all were kind of lazy and just hung around the house for awhile. Maddy chased Aunt Gina's dog Dahlia a lot and because of Dahlia now says her d-d-d sounds and says Dada and Dahhhha (Dahlia). Saturday night we went to the creek so Gina could take some night pictures for her class. It was crazy hot, we were all sweating (especially poor Mellie). Madison had a blast running all around and just having so much room to play in. Daddy chased Maddy a lot. I ran into a few people I knew from high school and I loved showing my girls off!! They were so cute! Then the trip started going down hill for Melanie. She was tired and hit a wall. I ended up having to walk with the girls in the double stroller...Madison happily eating her ice cream and Melanie screaming the entire 12 or so blocks home. It was awesome. Next time I try and do something later in the evening I am going to remember this and not do it. Gina's pics turned out pretty cool though.

Sunday: By now, poor Aunt Gina is totally exhausted from having to get up at 7 am two mornings in a row. We kept her busy though. No naps for either girl in the afternoon so we all ran errands for two or so hours. Again, we get home with two crying kids but I had food for the week and laundry was getting done.
Overall it was a great weekend. It was nice to have someone here to occupy you two while daddy slept. I was able to give each of you some much needed individual attention.

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