Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekend Wrap up

We all ended up having a wonderful weekend full of family and laughs and new things. Here is brief recap...
Saturday--Melanie cut her first tooth!!! Bottom left. That thing is super sharp and I haven't been able to see it yet but I sure have felt it! Madison called Melanie "sissy" instead of M-mel. She has also been saying "yeah" a lot and very clearly. We had crabs and Grandma, Uncle Andy and Christine came over. Both girls were so excited and Madison loved being the center of attention. She is also crazy about her Uncle Andy...holding his hand, wanting him to put her to bed at night, wanting him to play with her (oh and she's doing the sign for play a lot now). I think he might like her a bit too. Melanie was, as usual, a perfect angel and very content to just hang out with us. She has started going to bed at 7:30pm which is good and bad. It means I'll have less time with her during the work week.
Sunday--Lots more sissy and also shoe and home! And Madison was calling Daddy "a-a". Granddad came over and Madison was shy for about 2 seconds and then excited to have someone new to "entertain". I took the girls grocery shopping after their afternoon naps and we had a good time. Melanie was perfect just riding up front in her carrier playing with her feet. Madison was so cute sitting in the cart collecting all of the groceries. She was super excited to help me and put things on the belt to check out. I love that she is my little helper. She even knows to go get a Madison diaper or a Melanie diaper depending on who needs changing.
These four days have flown by and I am not looking forward to going back to work. M and M--Mommy would give almost anything to be able to stay home and teach and play with you all day. Unfortunately I can't. I do take comfort in knowing that you spend your days surrounded by love and come home to me extremely happy and content. I've never seen such happy children. One day we'll have to treat your Grandma to a special trip or something.
I didn't take any pics on the camera this weekend so here are a few more from the photo shoot the other day.
Little Melanie

Madison stealing the spotlight :)

So cute. I am so lucky!

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