Wednesday, July 7, 2010

She speaks...Finally!!

My dearest Madison,

Mommy and Daddy have been waiting for two years for you to decide to talk to us. Because you actually did not speak at all at 18 months we have had you enrolled in the Infants and Toddlers program for a bit. You have been working with a speech therapist twice a month through that program. People kept telling me....oh I know so many kids that didn't talk until they were two and they are fine now. But I am a worrier and have been worrying about whether you are going to talk or not for months now. Well you turned two almost two weeks ago and you started really expressing yourself vocally....almost two weeks ago!!! I will never be able to describe to you how wonderful it is to hear you say mama and mmel (melmel for Melanie). You are so proud of yourself when you say something that I can understand. As of today you say:



Aaee (Allie)


Pp (purple)

Uh oh

Eee ooo (I don't know what this means but you say it a lot)

Hhhh (hi)

B Bye

Yo (Yo gabba gabba)

BaBa (baby)

Uice (juice)

Eeee (eat)

I can't wait to hear what you will say by the end of the weekend! I am so proud of you baby girl and I am beginning to worry a little less everyday.

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