Tuesday, July 27, 2010


For the past two years or so, my mother, formerly called Grandma, has waited ever so patiently to hear the sweet voice of her granddaughter Madison. Now that Madison is talking nonstop...mostly in a tongue we can not understand but talking none the less...she has been waiting to hear her say Grandma or really anything even remotely close to Grandma. She even tried asking Maddy to say Grandma and Maddy just shook her head no. (Pretty hilarious to the rest of us.) So, with her quick thinking, Grandma has morphed into YaYa. Yep, she changed her own name. As of today, Madison is saying YaYa if Grandma asks her who she is. She loves saying all of our names...mama, dada and especially MeMel...she screams MeMel all the time at poor Melanie. Apparently now we will also be hearing YaYa.
On a side note, I did ask her tonight if she had fun at YaYa's house and she looked at me like I had two heads. It might take a bit longer for this name to stick :) In the mean time, here is one of the only pics we have of Maddy and YaYa. (This is something we will have to fix.)

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