Friday, July 23, 2010


Today I must make apologies to both of my girls. My sweet Melanie, I take such great personal pride in making your baby food. It saves us money and is better for you and gives us more cabinet space. I must apologize because I have been preparing it too thick and chunky. I just thought you didn't like carrots! (Bad mommy). Now I know you want it smoother and are only six months old! I will do better! My little monkey Madison, I have no idea where all of those mosquito bites came from! I tried to pin it on Grandma (or ya-ya as she was trying to get you to call her today) but she didn't take the bait. Could I have locked you in your room with a mosquito last night?? If so, I am very sorry. I am glad that the bites don't seem to bother you much!

Off to sleep now. Busy day tomorrow!

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